I can’t keep my eyes off the shininess of it. A black-leather collar that says “Kitten.” In Diamond letters.

Daddy’s in the living room waiting for me, thinking that we are about to watch a movie. I just wanted to create a small distraction so I can make myself up,surprise him, take initiative and be a good little slut. Because when Daddy’s happy, he rewards me. 

I strip off all my clothes. I put on a head band, one that has fuzzy black,pointy ears. Kitty ears. Somehow this feels natural, suiting my personality and mood. Playful, cute. Dangerous when I want to be. Submissive, by choice.
Winging my eyeliner, putting it on a little heavy, making my eyes and face the main point of attention.

I grab the collar and place it on me. The furry part cradles my neck. Creating an illusion of softness. But we know that’s not the intent here. Just a tease on the skin, a tease for daddy’s eyes. There’s a reason for the words, “Soft As Sin.” Because anything you can loser yourself in, is something you can get trapped in.  

The sound of the leather stretching, pulling around to form perfectly to my little neck, created an air of excitement. The cracking and squealing. As I put the strap through the buckle, hooking the pin in to the little, metal hole. It creates a lasting pressure, like a big strong hand that I love so much.  My pussy drips with wetness and anticipation.

The process is just as enthralling as the action. I clip the leash on to the metal ring. The sound of the spring clinging it shut makes my pussy quiver. It becomes apparent, how easy that I am. I put the handle in my mouth. My teeth sink in to the black, cold leather. Like teeth sinking into flesh, it’s soft.

I get on my knees and I craw. Crawl my way across the house. Out the bathroom,down the hallway and through the kitchen into the living room.  Daddy spots me right away, his pupils widened like a spreading fire. His lip cocking to the side, he already knows what I want,the message I was trying to send.

I crawl over to him, dropping the leash handle in his lap. Ever the one to please, he gives in to my demands. He rips open the zipper to his jeans, taking his big cock out for me. He pulls on the leash making me fall forward, face planted right on his cock.   

I put my hands behind my back, I truly have no need for them. Rubbing my face all over his growing shaft. I practically want to purr as he grows harder and thicker for me. Aggressively turned on by my cattiness, I’ve been hungry for this all day. 

Impatient, daddy grabs his cock. Slipping in as much as he can fit in one shot,  I look him in the eyes, impaling the rest of him. All the way in, until his balls touch my chin. My throat clenching around him. When he pulls it out, a trail of spit follows along.

Tugging on my collar , pulling me back down every time I come back up. Everything goes smoother when you work together. I can feel his cock twitch against the sensitive flesh of my throat. I pull him out just in time, grabbing him and stroking him vigorously. With my tongue sticking out of my mouth, waiting. With no control, Daddy paints my face, sucking in every once that touches my lips. I drink him in, the bitter sweet seed that drives this kitties greed. 


Chalet, CHARDONNAY, girls play: Part one:

This is a story based off an experience that one of our close friends had. This was how she discovered herself with women, joining the ranks of the out-of-the -closet. Gay and proud crew! We love and respect her deeply. Even happier that she let me write a story about it

There’s no heat, no electricity. It’s been flickering in and out all day long. For some reason, there’s no wood for fire. Wind blowing relentlessly, the snow creating a static like view of what is normally a beautiful, illuminated city .Looking out the window now, it looks like an icy, apocalyptic nightmare. Hell and the entire world freezing over. 
      There’s no signs of this storm slowing either. It looks like I’ll be stuck here for days. Missing Christmas, I wont make it back to my family on time. Worst of all, I’ll be stuck here with Lea, a person who I barely know.  
      I’m cautiously undressing myself, in front of this strange woman that I’m sharing the chalet with. I was too broke to afford one on my own, given that its Christmas and all. I needed a few days away form the city and the stresses of university and everything else…
     I went in half with Lea, who put an add online, to find someone to share it with her for a week or two. It seemed fun at first. Since I arrived here 3 days ago, Lea has been blatantly flirting with me. Coming on really strong, not taking no for an answer…
     The other day we had some wine and started cooking dinner together. She kept rubbing my back, dancing around me. Giving me random, light taps on my ass. Touching me in some sort of way.  We sitting on the couch, deciding what movie to put on. Her hand kept massaging my thigh.  
     Not that I have never thought about being with a woman before. I would need time to ease into it. She’s clearly trying to tell me that she wants me. When I told her that I was straight and had a boyfriend. It was almost like she took it as a challenge, deciding to try harder. As if it would be definite that she would seduce me or that I would give in. 
     And I thought men were bad and persistent. The way her eyes glazed over when she said that it would be smarter to sleep in the same bed, completely naked. You know, to add our body heat together so that we will be warmer. Given how cold it is in here, Looked evil, a gaze that said, she always gets what she wants. 
     Like a hungry wolf, getting ready for a hunt. Her eyes watched as if she has been famished and starved for sometime. Licking her lips for an upcoming meal.The way men stare when they think we aren’t looking. Our only light was a couples of candles scattered around the chalet.
     Lea undressed herself with a half-grin. As embarrassed as I am, I watch her take off every piece of clothing. Slow and calculated for my viewing pleasure. I don’t even think my boyfriends ever given me such intense bedroom eyes.
     Lea strips with confidence, her body is quite similar to mine. Not skinny, but not big. A powerful thickness to her legs. Arms toned, stomach flat with the outline of abs.  Breasts that are a couple of handfuls. She is definitely a sports girl like I am. Lea is a gorgeous and an attractive woman no doubt. Round and soft, baby-face. With light-brown eyes that look like gently stained wood. 
     We were sitting around drinking a glass of chardonnay when the power went out for good about an hour ago. It’s only 9:30 pm, I am nowhere near ready for bed. For now, its the only sensible place to be. I cant stop shivering, my jaw keeps shaking. 
     I crawl under the numerous comforters and blankets that we draped over the bed. Combining the ones that we had both brought, some that were already here. Covering myself completely from head to toe. It was so heavy that it felt like there was an entire person laying on top of me.
      I let out a little coo, in shock. Lea’s cold feet touched mine as she was crawling. To feel less awkward I turned around to my side to face away from her. That didn’t stop her from moving in closer and snuggling in.
      Lea’s entire body was cold on contact, in reaction, my body tensed-up. Her icy skin making me more rigid than being tickled ever could. 
      Her breasts pressed up against my shoulder-blades, like a soft pillow pressed up against my back. Fitting her pelvis into my ass, like a puzzle piece that was meant to fit together. Her long, lean legs following the lines of mines. She’s really glued to me. 
      Lea’s manicure toe-nails are sticking in to my ankles like sharp little knives. Her hand was draped loosely over my hip, twitching; unable to be still, waiting to wander around no doubt. The feeling of her hot breath on my neck tickles more than anything, it’s the only part of my body that’s actually starting to warm up.   
      We lied there silently for over an hour, I have no idea if she is asleep or not. I spent the time thinking of how I would turn her down with the various ways that she would seduce me. She wasn’t budging for some reason. 
      Maybe the chardonnay wore, feeling less ballsy now, decided to leave me alone. I could’t help but wonder why she isn’t making a move as if I’m offended in some some way. My mind started to wander, taking me to unknown places. I stopped thinking about turning her down and starting wondering what it would like to be with a woman. 
      I kept hearing the voice of my family and friends saying, “you need to let loose, try something new and adventurous for once , live a little”. I almost wanted to do it out of spit. I could imagine my boyfriends face, how he would absolutely drool over hearing a story about how my little ‘me vacation’, turned in to a girl on girl flick. Not that he would believe me if I told him.
      My mind kept venturing out of its comfort-zone, swirling around new ideas and possibilities The heat that started to beam between us, created a heat between my lips. My pussy gaining a mind of its own. I started to squeeze my legs together, embracing a teasing pressure. 
      What if I just turn around and kiss her? Get her stared? No, I’m not that bold. In a action that surprised myself. I grabbed her hand that was now still and calmly resting on my hips. Setting my hand on top of hers and forcing my fingers between hers, She snorted and huffed, she was asleep.
      Not for long though, I started rubbing my legs with her palm. Guiding it across my curious skin. I thought my hands were soft,  hers felt like a brand new furry blanket that you snuggle up with, especially on nights like this.
      A few passes down my thigh, over my knee and her body jerked away. Finally understanding what was going on. Her hand broke from mine and took over on its own. Her other arm slipped under my neck, wrapping around my chest, sprawled across my clavicle. Fitting herself even closer to me. 
      Lea’s caress was smooth and fluid. Her hand slid down my inner thigh, as much of it that was exposed anyway. She would reach my knee then come up the front, veering off to side and over my hip, Contouring the shape and trailing down the back of my legs. 
      I keep my eyes closed not that there’s much to see in the dark. To not over-think like I usually do. Pay close attention to what I’m feeling. Everywhere her hand was left a lasting pressure on my skin. Waiting for it return, wondering when she’s going to go for the gold?
      “Touch me please”, I said with a heavy breath muffled in the blankets, “Touch me Lea”. I couldn’t believe that those words come out of my mouth. New year coming up, new me I guess?  I bet she knew that it would happen.
      Lea didn’t have to be told twice. Her armed moved over, grabbing my breast with a gentle roughness that a man could never know, Certainly not my boyfriend. Massaging and pawing it like a kneading cat, While gently rolling my nipple between her thumb and index finger. She’s a woman after all, multitasking is in our nature. 
      Her other hand trailed up the middle of the back of my legs, slipping her fingers in my unsuspecting hole, with no effort at all. Like her hand had a locked on target for my pussy. My legs shutter at the surprising entry, letting out a whine that probably fueled her ego. 
      Her fingers were long and slender. Matching my every curve.
      I was distracted for a second, my boyfriend popped in my mind, wondering if this could be considered cheating?  Not that I haven’t heard repeatedly that he would love to see me wrapped up around a woman. Curios to know his reaction if I were to tell him that I would like to see him with a man? Watch how fast he would change the subject. Then again, he is full of surprises…
      Then I noticed a clicking on the window. It was the wind throwing snow and ice at it, as if the entire chalet was in its way and it was trying to knock us down. It didn’t seem to sound as loud throughout the day. As fast I was snapping out of my trance and having second thoughts, Lea was quick to snap me back in. 
      I waled out of shock and utter surprise when she sunk her teeth in to my neck. Gently nibbling, pulling the skin before she released and clamped back down. Not enough to completely hurt, just enough create an enticing pressure; like a playful kitten that gnaws when it’s touched too long, or when it wants attention. 
      Lea giggled with my skin beneath her teeth. Every place that her teeth were left a lasting print. As if there was more than one mouth on me. She chewed up and down, getting the tight skin from behind my ear, to  the bottom of my neck. 
      “Something told me you would like that.” Lea paused for a second. Her tongue started to trace every bite mark. Waking the already sensitive skin, numbing my whole body. 
      The way her fingers were curved, they caressed my top wall. the tops of her fingers searching carefully.  She found what she was looking for, that soft, bumpy patch of skin that would turn my legs in to a bear trap. It really does take a woman to please a woman. Never had a man find it that quickly, not without a map and an intro class.  
      “Uh…” I cried out.
      “There we go,” Lea said with a shameless tone, “I promise, I will take good care of you tonight!”
      Between her fingers inside of me, her lips on my neck and my nipples being pinched and rolled in her fingers. I was a big ball of stress that was coming undone. All my tension was fading, I was starting to lose myself at the hands of this strange woman.
      My orgasm came fast and unexpected; hard hitting. My body was shot was a paralyzing stiffness, as i contracted around her fingers trying to while simultaneously trying to pull her in deeper. 
      Lea laughed, “I’m only getting started!” With a man-like force she pushed me over so I was laying on my stomach. I can feel her moving around behind me. The next thing I feel is her hands on my hips, picking me up so that my ass is sticking in the air a bit, propped up like I would be if my boyfriend was going to ravage me. 
      Wasting no time, she was right down to business. Her wet tongue striking across my ripe and juicy pussy in one long lick. A reward for her patience. My moan filled up underneath the coves with more hot air, as if it wasn’t hot enough already. shivers instantly covered every inch of my exploring skin. It’s been so long since someone has had their mouth on me. My boyfriend is one of the odd men who wont go down on a woman. naturally I find him out of all the men.
      “More please.” I begged, “More.”
      “Ya, you want me to lick your pussy?” Lea teased.
      “Yes please, my boyfriend doesn’t eat me out, ever!” I said with a begging tone with an underlying anger in my voice.
      “What a shame, you taste really good. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”
      Lea’s planted her whole mouth on my pussy, everything I needed and haven’t been getting hit me all at once. At this point I didn’t care who it was, I just needed a mouth on me, I needed to cum. I have been starved of orgasms.
      Lea’s tongue started with long, slow strokes. Paying attention to detail, running her tongue up one side of my lips and going back down and doing the other. Tracing the lines of my labia, teasing me, making me wait. Hearing me beg is a game for her, she loves it. 
      “Come on straight girl, beg for it!”
      “Please Lea, lick my pussy!” 
      Lea continued with full and slow strokes. Letting her tongue dance around my aching hole, surprising me by darting it in and out. I’ve never had a tongue inside me before, it’s like a thicker, more muscular finger. 
      As I begged and pleaded, my neediness was getting to her. I think she understood my need to cum, especially since I’m being deprived. Her  tongue started to pace back and forth frantically; with a speed that I never knew was humanly possibly. Not vibrator speed, but this felt way better than any toy. A real person, a real mouth.
      My stomach tightened and contracted with a mind of its own. Loosing feeling in my fingers; a struggle to hold on to a pillow or sheets. A tickling feeling spreads over my lower bag and my body boils with heat. Another unexpected rush of euphoria blindsides me. My body contorts under the skilled movements of her tongue. She licked me like she couldn’t get enough of me.
      Lea groaned, making “mm,” sounds. Truly enjoying herself. My orgasm only encouraged her to lick my already sensitive clit even faster and harder. Sucking on me, slurping. Drinking in my taste, as she sipped her glass of chardonnay earlier. To be honest, earlier in the evening I found myself staring at her lips. Painted and full, who was she trying to impress all alone? Pursing them, leaving little stains on her glass. There was a tension, driven by a need I didn’t know I had, until now…
      Lea stopped licking me and lied down on her back beside me, “come here,” she said, “Climb on top of me. I took a moment to gather myself. I was dizzy from pleasure and hyperventilating under all these covers. Iv’e had more orgasms in the last thirty minutes than I have had in the last two years with my boyfriend. This was the feeling, the rush I’ve been chasing. 
      I crawled on top of Lea, desperate to feel her kiss. Her lips on mine was the most natural feeling that I have ever felt. I kissed her roughly, like it was an addiction. Forcing my tongue in her mouth. Tasting myself on her tongue, all it did was make me more wild, more selfish. 
      I think that she wanted me to repay the favor. Maybe later…
      I was to overwhelmed with the want for more pleasure, like a lush, needing and wanting to take. I climb over her until I am sitting on her face. I need more, more, more. Lea chuckled, “can’t get enough?”
      I shut her cocky mouth up by grinding back and forth on her face. Taking what I needed and wanted for once. It’s not like she wasn’t secretly begging for it herself. I held on to her hair as my hips swayed in small circles, 
      My thrust meeting whatever speed her tongue was flicking, I couldn’t stop myself. I just kept going, riding her face. Cumming, making a mess of her. Lea kept drinking me in. I was making her wet like like a fall rain. 
      I fell off of her, unable to take anymore. My body shivering and shaking from all the over-stimulation. I wanted to return the favor, I really wanted to taste and please her too. I was all about me in the moment, basking in that post-orgasm bliss. Lea draped her thigh over my leg and snuggled back in to me. Dragging her fingers everywhere, running her hands through my hair. 
      Leah whispered in my ear. “you owe me now!” The very word and idea, Made my insides clench.
      “I’ll give you a little while to recover,” she teased, “then your going to lick my pussy, because mommy needs some love too!”
      Lea took my hand, guiding it between her legs. Running my hand through her slick, thick wetness. A little warning for when my face is buried there. I really do, I want to taste her too. 

This is a long story, so it will be posted in four or five parts. Going through the entire and complete experience that led my friend to go home, leave her boyfriend and start pursuing woman. The sex and the story will only get hotter and more intense. Stayed tuned!

Thomas & Aurora:

After Midnight Erotica.

All so virgin: Daddy means I’m in charge! part one.

Hi there! Aurora here!

I thought that I would start diving in to our minds with a short story. The pinnacle of taboo subjects. A Step-dad/step-mom tale, in this case it’s a step-father story. This one is completely fantasy with a tinge of truth. I will be honest, and open from the get go. I was always attracted to my step-father growing up. I had many fantasies about him throughout my teenage years. He was the main star of my fantasy reel as I was discovering my body and my sexuality. I often pictured losing my virginity to him, even touched myself to the thought of him on many occasions.  I never felt wrong or shameful about my thoughts, it wasn’t just him thought. I felt myself drooling over all older-men. Boys of my age never really interested me. Unfortunately, it stayed a fantasy…  

You know you want it!

       “You don’t run this house Jenna!” My stepdad raised his voice in frustration. No doubt in thorniness too. I sneaking in and managed to take my shirt off before tying to sneak off to the shower. To wash away the scent of alcohol from the party I was just at. 
   Brady grabbed my arm out of nowhere and twirled me around, pinning my arm above my head against the bathroom door to stop me from walking away from him. I laughed in his face. Only because he really didn’t scare. Yes, his voice is deep and booming.  It excites me more than anything. 
      “I told you to be home at 9:30, it’s 1:00 am!” He looked furious as usual, more than that. He looked frustrated, unsure of what to do. I loved how eyes stared at mine trying to convey some seriousness. Demanding respect. It made my adolescent body quiver, drenching my virgin panties in a confusing wetness. I don’t know why I taunt him, I can’t help myself. I feel an undying need to have all of his attention. I am a young woman after all, I thrive on it.
      “I am eighteen years old! I can do whatever the hell I want!” Brady rolled his eyes as usual.
      “Would you put a shirt on and go to bed?” He said, trying to keep his gaze at eye level. But failing miserably. “I don’t want to see your chest.” 
      I knew that was a lie. I corrected my posture, purposely standing tall, popping my chest out as much I could without it looking too obvious. “Why, does it excite you Brady?” I boldly stated, knowing all to well that he will deny it to his last breath. Even though his eyes say different. 
      “No, don’t be crazy! I am just tired of you prancing around here half-naked all the time!”
      “Well if it doesn’t excite your then it shouldn’t be a problem right daddy?” I changed my tone to be more sarcastic when I said “daddy”. I think that pissed him off even more. 
      Brady just sighed the sigh of a defeated man and walked away. I know I can be a shit sometimes, really, it’s because I’m bored. Mom’s been gone for a month now travelling in the Philippines for her company. What’s a girl to do besides stir up a little drama and trouble? I see the way he looks at me all the time, he thinks of me more than just his step-daughter. He thinks I’m beautiful. I know he is attracted to me and he has a hard time with it, he doesn’t like being sexually attracted to a fully-developed 18-year-old.
      I have the body of a woman but my face still looks innocent and pure, like I have yet to experience the world.  A spitting image of my mom at my age. Of course, he thinks I’m hot, he would be crazy not to. My mom is a fox. I do it on purpose to get him to look at me. I find it thrilling to tease him and watch him hide behind his strict face. Trying to ignore that he wants me, Being ‘a good daddy’.
      Eyes never lie, I wonder if he thinks I’m just being a teenager full of attitude or if he understands the fact that I’m trying to seduce him. Exposing my half-dressed body, trying to get him to put his hands on me. I want him to lose control and all his sense, just grab me and take me.  I want him to make a woman out of me but he’s not taking the hint very well.
      I know it sounds sick, but I hear the way mom and him go at it when they think I am asleep. It turns me on in the strangest way. I just hear the way he makes her makes her feel. The way she’s riveted with pleasure and how he tears her apart and ravages her after weeks on end of her being gone. It makes my hormonal-body is attracted to him. I want what she’s feeling. 
      It’s Brady’s fault, ultimately. If he didn’t scare away every single boy that I brought around, or did the scary step-dad routine when he picked me up from school. I would have gotten laid by now, all the boys I know are afraid to even look at me wrong, let alone try and get me alone and in to my pants. It’s whatever, because I hear so much about how your first-time sucks, because guys my age are so inexperienced and don’t know what they’re doing. All they’ll do is hurt you apparently.  Why not have my first time with a real man?
      It was about 3:00 am. I should have been sleeping, I wake up at 7:00 am for school, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.  I heard Brady in the kitchen. I had another chance to suck up and tease him a little more. I walked out in nothing but my bra and underwear as usual. Pink and polka dots, it’s a really cute set, funny because he took me shopping and he didn’t want to buy it for me. He thought it was too frilly and provocative for my age, but he saved himself the argument and bought it anyway. He really just didn’t want to see me in it, he knew I would walk around the house flaunting it.
      I walk up to Brady and hug him. Apologize, squeezing him tightly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I Just miss mom”.
      “I do to.” He said hugging me back with resistance, afraid to touch me, trying not to put his hands anywhere on my skin. As if touching me would make it harder for him to control himself…
      “Sorry Daddy”. I said sweetly like I usually do when I’m trying to apologize for being a bitch or trying to get what I want from him.
  “It’s okay”. He said dryly. I hugged his solid body, one that’s built from years of hard work in construction. Chopping wood and whatever else he does. He works hard and long hours, that much I know.
      I’m squeezing him tightly, twirling my fingers in the fabric of his shirt. I can tell that he’s staring at the reflection of my ass in the kitchen window, my thong is riding up farther it should be. Almost disappearing in to my cheeks. I know he wants to reach out and grab it, a much softer, firmer version of his wife. Taught and slim with a flat stomach. I have an athlete’s body, from playing soccer or baseball. Pretty much any sport that goes on at school or locally. Brady pushes me off of him, “go to bed now, it’s late, you have school tomorrow.”
      “Yes daddy”, I said giving him a kiss on the chin. I walk over to the fridge and grab drink from the bottom crisper, bending almost completely over. Hoping he appreciates the view and how see-through these panties are around the crotch. Then I tailback off to my room.
      I get this overwhelming feeling to touch myself, I’ve only done this a few times before. I only started exploring myself this year. I still can’t get over the way he pinned me up against the wall this afternoon. My legs clamp shut at the thought.
      I examine myself in the full-length standalone mirror I have in the corner of my room, stripping off my bra and pantie so that I’m completely naked. I do a full 360, looking myself up and down. I really do have a hot body. I look especially good from behind; my back has a nice arch and good upright posture. 
      My breasts a full D-cup. I take them in my hand and gently massage them, it’s not something I do often, but when I do, I find myself getting lost and spacing out. Paying careful attention to every sensation. How every movement or squeeze feels in different parts of my body. How when I graze over my pink, puffy nipples; it sends a direct line of sensation and pleasure to my untouched, rarely explored clit. 
      My mind goes back to Brady pinning me up against the wall. A tingling coursed through my legs, starting from my heels. It felt like butterflies but instead of coming from my stomach, they came from inside my body; a deeper more mysterious place. Spreading outwards. 
      I stand with my legs spread wider apart. I watched myself carefully in the mirror as my hands drifted from my breasts downwards. My fingers slip between my closed lips, grazing the hood of my clit. I have never been this wet before! I don’t even know if this is normal? But it lets my hand move fluidly. The last time I tried this, it was really dry and a little uncomfortable.
      I know it’s weird, but I am attracted to myself. Seeing my naked body makes me feel something that is hard to explain. Watching my hands explore myself is exciting. I breath a quite and heavy breath as my lungs react to my fingers. Is this what real confidence is? I feel sexy and shameful at the same time, a good sort of shameful, if that even exists. I feel alive and scared. I want to be exposed and covered up in the privacy of my blankets. Is this the vulnerability of pleasure?
      I watch my face and how my lips and mouth move as a moan. Discovering my voice and who I am in a moment of self-loving passion.“Oh, Brady”, I moan, his name escapes my mouth without a second thought. 
      “Daddy”, “oh, Daddy”, the way it rolled off the tongue was like it was meant to be.
      “Daddy”, every time I say it I become damper and wetter with a slick stickiness., “make me a woman daddy!”
      I noticed how loud speaking, I was losing control of my volume. The more I touched myself the more my moans carried through my room. I made no effort to stop it whatsoever. Then it came to me! I should be loud enough that he hears me.
      Seeing me almost completely naked is one thing, hearing me pleasure myself must be the ultimate tease. I can picture it now. Brady hears a noise coming from my room so he walks across the house to see what’s going on. As he gets closer to the door, he realizes what’s happening. Even though he wants to walk away he wont, he’ll just stand there and listen. Staring through the open crack along the door’s hinges. My room is positioned in a way that it has a direct line of sight to my mirror. If he really wanted to, he could watch me get undressed any time.
      I hop over to the door and open just enough that he could peak in if he was still awake. Every time I say his name, every time I mutter the word “daddy”. My body shakes and twitches with need and want. Assuring myself that this is what I really want.That I really want him. No, I  need him.  I want him to need me too.
      My mind was imagining every possible scenario that my inexperienced brain could possible think up. I was picturing his hands pinning me down again, it was the part of him that turned me on the most. His hands are large, big enough that he could palm a pomelo and make it look tiny. His fingers long and think,  they look like they could almost crush brick. I cant forget the massive forearms they’re attached to which were almost as think as his biceps. He’s not muscular but well-toned. Well-built, naturally thick and wide, towering 6-feet and 2-inches from the ground. His jaw is thick and perfectly lined with a powerful chin. Always a rough amount of stubble all over his face, which makes him look mean and intimidating. but he has these insanely beautiful, light-brown eyes that soften the rest of his hulkish figure; like lightly-stained wood.
      My other hand found its way inside of my pussy, fitting two fingers inside of me. Snug but comfortable fit. My other hand stayed on my clit, rubbing, flicking, trying to find the right rhythm. I can understand why adult are addicted to sex if it feels better than what I’m doing right now. I may just have a problem myself!
      My hips move with a mind of their own, making little circles. Thrusting in to myself, thrusting on to my fingers. My walls pulsed with sensitivity the way a heavy bass-line pulses in your chest and heart at a concert. 
      “Yes daddy…”
      “Yes daddy…”
      I feel sexy, I’ve always known that a was a little slut. I started having dirty thoughts way earlier than I should have. I never had the guts to act on them until recently.
      “Please daddy, fuck me…”
      My stomach is tightening, I’m forcing my eyes stay open. They just want to shut but I want to keep looking at myself. My hands want to stop but I fight with myself to keep going. Everything is so sensitive and raw. New and  hard to handle. All of a sudden, this weakness pours through my body. My knees buckle and I could swear I was seeing stars. “Shit!”  
      A vibrating numbness struck all my joints. My hands were flooded with the wetness I’ve never felt before, a smile painted across my face that I had absolutely no control of. I just had my first orgasm ever. I never knew that I could make myself feel so good.  Does it always feel this good? If I would have known that I could feel this good I would have been doing this a long time ago probably would have been doing this instead of sitting in my room actually doing homework. It’s not like I was doing it anyway I would spend half the time fantasizing about boys or Brady.
       I don’t stop, even though I am having a hard time standing.  I rub and finger myself even faster. I want that, sensation again, I want another orgasm. In the height of my pleasure I hear footsteps creaking, I walk over and open the door wider so that I can see down the hallway I can see Brady’s door closing. Just as I thought, he was standing there watching me. I knew that he would have heard my moans from across the house. The Father Figure in him wanting to stay in his room and drown it all out. ‘What kind of sick person would want to listen to that’, he probably thought to himself.
      The man in him though, the one who needs pleasure and release and who is often neglected, left on his own. Wanted to stay there and watch.  He is a man that works hard, he deserves the small things in life. I would give him everything that he needs even if I didn’t know what I was doing all he would have to do is show me. Teach me, tell me how he wants to be touched show me how to touch a man and finally give in to what I know he’s been thinking for a really long time.
      There’s no denying that we have this strange and taboo chemistry and knowing he was there watching filled me up with even more excitement than I ever thought I could feel. I wonder if I made him hard? I wonder if thought about just ripping the door wide open and ripping off all of his clothes, taking me in a fit of rage-filled ecstasy.
      When I get back home from school tomorrow, I’m going to go for it. After feeling what I just felt. I need more, I need the real thing. I’m going to throw myself at him and hope that he’s not strong enough to push me away or tell me no. Will make him touch me in some way.  I will almost tie him to the bed if I have to.
      Maybe I do have a little obsession with him as my friend says. They all think he’s drop-dead gorgeous. Too. Given the chance I bet hat they would all let him in their pants. They always swoon over him when they see him, saying they all wish he was their dad. How can he turn me away? I can seduce him if I really wanted to. Especially when I look extra cute in my uniform which I know it’s something that he loves. Mom has one of her own in her closet and I know for a fact that she’s put it on for him. They forget the walls are thin.
      Brady has a thing for the school-girl uniform. Which means he must have thing for school girls. Pretend is good and all but the real thing is always so much better. A real young and inexperienced high-school girl in a slutty little uniform. It would have his head spinning.
I crawled myself in bed, my whole body is sensitive to touch, just a blanket gently grazing my skin as I roll around and try and get comfortable was enough to get my mind going again making me want another orgasm. It was really late, I’m only to going to get a few hours of sleep. It only took me 2 minutes to pass out. 

After school special.

      I shuffle around the room, as my friend waits for me outside so we can walk to bus stop together.  I can’t find the panties I’m looking for, only the bra. It’s not the first pair that has went missing. I have quite a few really cute ones that I can’t find, my ego says that Brady takes them and does whatever perverted men do with woman’s underwear. Wear them, smell them?Whatever it is, I hope he enjoyed it.
      Then I had an idea. I knew he wasn’t home, since he left about five minutes ago, so I went in to their room and looked through moms’ closet to root through the stuff she left at home. I know she has some very sexy things that they would never agree to buy me or let me wear. They still see me as a teenager and not as a woman. 
      I find this bra that is a metallic gold. It has a diamond in the middle where the two cups meet. With a lovely little bow tied out of string with two gold metal ends. It’s what they call lace, its completely see through.
      I take off my bra to try it on. Since I was 14 I had a bigger cup size than mom, I’m a D and she’s a C. It will fit, it may be a little tight though. I look at the tag, it says Gucci. This is really different compared to what they buy me.  The cups are almost half the size, angling downward. It lifted and pushed my bust together, only covers about half my breasts. It barely covered my nipples. I find a matching thong to go with it, which is also completely see-through. It to has a diamond stud on the waistband in the center on the front and the same little bow. I hurry up and throw off my pants and take the underwear I’m wearing off. I slid the sexy, gold thong on.     
      I’ve worn one of my friends’ thongs once. Excitement stirred in my pussy. The pressure I feel on my pussy, my ass, makes me feel sexy. I look in the mirror. I pose, trying to be sexy. The panties expose my unkempt bush. I have never shaved my pubic hair before. I had a thick brush planted across my pubic area.
      I know this is one of Brady’s favorite sets that my mom owns, when she is home, I always hear him beg her to put it on. Really expensive too. I take moms perfume and shove it in my bag, I run to my room and grab my body-glitter and throw it in my bag. 
      I was a long day at school. Before I walk in. I stop at the front door, taking a deep breath. Getting my nerves together. I hike my plaid skirt up. Folding it in from the waist until it’s just shy of showing my ass, enough that if I bent over, nothing would be hidden. School would never accept this. If our knees aren’t covered, we would be sent home, Private schools can be so prude.
      I take off the tie and shove it in my bag. I bend over and pull my navy socks up until they are at my knees, completely covering my calves.
      Next, I unbutton the top five buttons of my marine blue school dress shirt, stopping where the hitch is that connects the two cups of my bra together,showing off the diamond. Exposing enough of my chest that Brady will have hard looking away, but not enough that he will complain.
      I rip out the elastic from my light brown hair. Letting my perfectly straightened hair fall down. And tousling it a bit to get that messy look. I pull the perfume out of my bag and spray it everywhere frantically. I pull out the body-glitter, rubbing it all over my chest, stopping at my clavicle. It will make it even harder for him to peel his eyes way. My shiny pink lip gloss makes for a perfect edition.
      I came home from school early today instead of hanging out with my friends. Hoping to surprise Brady when he walks in, maybe undress myself and jump on him. I haven’t completely thought it out yet.  I looked around the house to see if anyone is home. I turn the corner and I find Brady in the living room with his laptop, he’s jacking off to a picture of me! One I took this summer in my bikini on the beach. My body tanned and slathered in tanning oil. I look like a model in it, its amazing picture.
      I knew I was getting to him! It was only matter of time. I’ve never seen a man do that before. He’s very aggressive about it, like it can’t be over fast enough for him. I was surprised at how well-equipped he was. No wonder mom chose him. Besides the fact that he is really hot. I watched him stroke himself fiercely wanting a quick end. I guess I can understand, he is a sexually frustrated man. My mom has been gone a lo tin the last few months. He has way more integrity to go out and cheat on her. That’s why I have to trick him in to it.
      He calls out my name as he’s stroking himself, “fuck Jenna!”
      Out of nowhere, I answer “yes daddy, you called my name?” He jumped up in a panic kicking the wooden table off to the side a bit. Standing there in utter shock with his fully-erect cock pointing in my direction.
      “I’m flattered.” I said I ran over and grabbed a hold of it, cutting the tension I have so masterfully created between us. It felt different than the toy I had. My friend bought me one as a gag gift. I never used though, I wasn’t that desperate. I was going to wait for the real thing.
      There was a look of fear in Brady’s eyes. It really was different from the toy. Much harder and bigger. I can feel his heart beat pulsing through it. It made hand look really small in comparison.  It was really thick, just like the rest of him. His hands, his forearms, legs. All twice the size of the average mans. It only makes sense that his cock is twice the size too.
      I started exploring it, moving my hand up and down. The way the skin was soft and moved was weird. Especially since it was hard like the wall. I couldn’t imagine having that inside of me, just my two fingers was a tight fit, this would probably really hurt…
      Brady tries his best not to look at me, his eyes searching around the room, looking for anything to fixate on. He should be looking at me and only me.  I say his name, “Brady”. Drawing his attention back to me, his big brown eyes losing the fight. He can’t ignore me.
      “Its okay Brady, its okay to like this”. I said softly and playfully. He had no response, his eyes begged me to stop because he didn’t have the strength to make me. The way he grew harder in my hand told me so much more, it said that he wanted me to continue. I have been teasing him for so long, I am surprised he has this much restraint.
      “Does it feel good daddy? Am I doing it properly?” I asked in the most innocent voice I possibly could. Brady closed his eyes and sighed. “yes,” he said with hesitation.
      “Do you like the fact that I am touching you?” I was answered with complete silence, I did have all the leverage at the moment.
      “Tell me you like it daddy, tell me you like having your daughter play with your cock, or I will stop.”
      “Yes, baby. I love having my daughter touch my cock!” He forced out the words. 
      “It’s not like you can hide it Brady, I did catch you pleasing yourself to my pictures.”
      “Yes”, he groaned.
      The next thing I knew, his cock began to twitch. It felt like it was trying to jump out of my hand or flop around like a fish out of water. Bray’s face was straining, he was trying to fight it. Instincts took over and I started jerking him faster. There was a soreness in my fingers and wrist.
      “Oh my god daddy, are you about to?” Before I could finish the question, Brady let out a bear like grunt. His seed shot out of him, it was airborne, carelessly flying all over the place. It was all over my school shirt, on my skirt, even my legs. Most of it was on my hand and forearm. He sighed of relief and I gasped with the excitement as I made a man cum for the first time, my-step-dad of all people. 
      I looked him straight in the eyes, I licked his cum off my hand and arm. Trying not to make a face. It tasted different than I expected. Thick like pudding, but not sweet, also not as salty as I heard it was. 
      Brady walked away, not saying a word. His face the reddest I’ve ever seen it. He’s not even that flushed when he’s yelling at me out of aggravation. He stomped away, slamming the door to his room behind him.  We just had a special moment together, why couldn’t her appreciate it?I go to my room, grinning ear to ear.Basking in the high I feel right now, I just played with my step-dads cock. Made a man cum! I was too worked up to sit still. I needed to tell someone. So, I texted Lisa, the only person who wouldn’t judge me in any way. The one true friend that actually keeps all your secrets. Plus, out of all my friends she has the biggest crush on Brady, naturally, she would want to hear all the details .Lisa is the only one of our group that actually has sex, regularly I might add.

Cooling off to get fired up.

      Brady hasn’t left his room in a few hours. There’s no point of avoiding me, neither of us are leaving for the weekend there’s a big terrestrial downpour starting. We’re lucky that we even have power still. No heat at the beginning of November? I would have had to climb in bed with him for warmth.
      I was bored. None of my friends were answering their phones. My eyes keep flashing over to my mirror. I’m still in mom’s lingerie, looking sexy as hell. I keep making pouty faces and sexy eyes to myself.
      I walked in to the kitchen to get a drink, in nothing but a bra and panties. I do this more often than I would like to admit. And there he was standing there. He was probably pacing around quietly. When he turned and noticed me standing there, he rolled his eyes. Blatant enough that I wanted to yell at him and tell him to go to his room. Brady raised his hand and pointed his finger at me, like he was about to give me the biggest lecture of life. No words escaped his beautiful stubble covered mouth. He just sighed then grunted, like he was lifting or pushing something heavy.
      The next thing I knew, I was lifted up in the air. His rough and calloused, working-man hands grabbing a hold of my bare ass. Trying to squeeze as much of it in his hands as he possibly could.
      I whispered, “daddy”, in his ear as my legs automatically wrapped around him, ready to cling on to his clothes if he changed his mind and wanted to put me down. His hands felt rougher than our granite counter top, scratchy and course like sand paper. Why was that a turn on?
      Brady practically jogged with me up in his arms, opening my bedroom door with a light tap of his foot. He sets me down at the edge of my bed and took a step back. Standing there for a minute, looking my body up and down. He turns himself around and starts to walk out of the room. He gets to the door and stops, letting out a big breath. “Fuck!”
      Brady took three huge, hurried steps back towards my bed. His smile even bigger, like whenever that silly football team he likes, whatever they’re called win a game. He grabbed on to my thighs and pulled me closer to the edge, so that I was just shy of slipping off.
      He lifts both my legs up in the air with such force that my top half falls over. So, now I’m laying on my back with my legs up in the air for daddy…
      Before I could even compose myself and look over to him, my head flew back and I grabbed a handful my blankets. I was dizzy almost instantly, from the warmness of his breath over the thing fabric of my panties. Brady took his time, kissing every inch of the fabric. Letting his hot breath surround my eager skin. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, like he’staking my scent in, trying to taste is without actually putting his mouth on me.
      I squirm and wriggle around, “please-daddy”. He still looks reluctant, questioning himself. As if he would pass this up, as if he would pass me up. I’m young, I’m hot, and I’m willing. Already naked, ready to let him do whatever he wants to me. I used my big eyes and innocent voice, “please daddy”, it was more of a whine than a moan. At this point there would be no sense in turning back and I would cry if I had to.  
      Like a real man, he couldn’t resist the big begging eyes of a woman. He usually has to beg for it, mom’s always too tired. More than anything, I play the innocence card to draw him in, “I need you daddy, please”…
      Too impatient to take his time and pull them off. Brady rips them off of my hips without thinking straight, tossing them behind him. Not caring where the land, it’s not like I’ll be wearing these again. Our eyes meet, there was that serious look again. Then his facial expression relaxed, dipping his chin in the crease where my inner thigh, kissing all around my pussy lips.
      His facial hair picks. When he finally put his strong, manly tongue on me. My eyes rolled in the back of my head like a slot-machine, almost getting stuck. 
      Brady undressed himself as he licked and sucked on me, it sounded like he was slurping on a Popsicle or ice cube. It was’t long before I was grabbing tufts of his short, curly hair. Legs shaking on his shoulders. His tongue moving fast and fiercely, flicking my clit. Loving every moment of if.
      He pulls himself up to take a breath, standing up. He looks at me with his face covered in a shiny film of spit and my juices. “Are you ready?” He asked, with a devilish grin.  his cock once again pointing at me, it was even bigger than it was this afternoon….
      I shake my head yes. Brady crawls on the bed, his wide chest hovering over my face.
      “Are you sure?” He asked….

Champagne showers: An Erotic poem By Aurora.

Champagne showers. After Midnight Erotica.

A loud hearty laugh fills the room with an echoing laughter. Unable to contain ourselves, we chuckle loudly and clutch our abdomens. Trying to force out coherent words, making up for lost time and busy lives.

I pour another glass of champagne for the both us; a clear amber aperitif for my best-friend. Occasional secret and clandestine lover. We enjoy each-others company sometimes and it gets away from us, caught in the grips of lust and familiarity. No name to it, no discussion after the fact. it stays in the moment as we live it.

Tilting the glass on an angle and watching it swirl in to the delicate curves of its roundness.  The bubbles rising, jumping out over the rim, fizzing out and crackling.

The air of the room is a mixture of floral perfume, marrying the scent of champagne. Creating an atmosphere of sophistication while lowering our inhibitions.  Debaucherous and smitten, opening our minds to revisit the sensual embrace we often find ourselves in, when left to our own devices. 

For a moment the laughter stops, we examine each-others teary-eyed faced. Her hand reaches out, wiping the joyful tear off of my cheek, fingers lingering. The contact reignites a fire we douse until we’re in privacy and secrecy. My skin lights up with a smoldering need. A tingle started in my toes, working its way up my back to my finger tips. Like gasoline thrown on an insignificant fire, a burst of wild and uncontrollable flames.

In a rare instance. I become impatient and driven with need. Taking what I have been denying myself. Our lips meet in an intimate moment between friends. A kiss that’s desperate and misunderstood. 

I peel off her dress, I go straight for the neck. Like a wild animal famished in hunger, quenched in thirst. Nothing underneath the sleek, black dress. She came bearing expectations, her body bare, waiting for me to savor it. 

Distracted with my kiss. I grab my glass, pouring the rest of it on her chest. She wails in excitement, it was could to touch. Trickling down her skin; a sweet and sticky treat, turning her flesh in to a delicacy. My indulgent treat. 

I kiss and I pour, I suck and I swallow it in. Doing this all the way down her body, her legs open up and invite in. My tongue takes in her natural aroma, tasting her arousal, fueling my own. My pallet graced with the most primal of tastes. 

I shower her body in champagne, feast on her and feed my shame. 
I shower her in champagne, her body showers me in her release, we are anything but tame.

Wriggling and writhing, her nails dig in to my back and neck. I wanted to play with kitty, get it wet. I was prepared for the claws. Oh the way she purred, the way her backside raised with every stroke of the tongue. I’ll stay here all day, and the night is still young…


Sex Bucket list.

The other day we were talking about the things we have done and have not done. I decided to start a list. This list is fairly basic. I am sure there is way more things that we would add,  We just cant think of anything else at the moment, so we’ll update it as we think of more. Just to give a little insight to who we are, 

1. Have my wife pick up a random guy in a bar and give him head a blowjob in the bathroom, or in our car. We will get dressed up for a night out. Have a few drinks at a bar. We will find a guy that she thinks is attractive. Have her flirt with him, tease him while I’m watching from across the bar.

2. Have my wife pick up a woman in a bar and take her home. Sit on the side and watch. A purely voyeuristic experience. Unless the ladies request my participation. Who would I be to refuse?

3. I pick up a guy in a gay bar/club. Offering only a blowjob We go out to a club one night. We go dance and have fun. Guys will try and hit on me.I will tell them at I am straight but bi-curious. I think it would make it more fun. Straight guys are like gold or catnip to gay guys apparently.

4. Swap with another couple: Hook up with another couple, tease them. Everyone is on everyone. Having a good time. Just a little soft swapping, kissing,fondling. Leave it there and set up another date. Create sexual tension, need and want. (Done.)

5. Swap with a couple but this time full-swap. Whether it is in the same room or not. (Done)

6. Have a threesome with a girl: Find a woman to join us, a fully bi-sexual woman that we can both pleasures together. (Done,we found one woman and she is actually our unicorn now. We play and see her on a regular basis.

7. Have a threesome with a guy: Find a guy for a threesome. Preferably bi-sexual too, this way we can all have fun.

8. Have a foursome with two girls: Find two women to join us. Start off by watching the ladies have fun. Wait until they call me over, then work my magic.

9 Have a foursome with two guys. Fulfill my partners fantasy of having a cock for every hole.

10. Tie her up to a chair and force her to watch me have sex with another woman with a vibrator inside of her. Forced to cum over and over. While watching and wanting. My wife said that it would be the ultimate tease.  Because she can’t have the cock that she loves so much, or play the woman which she really loves as well.

11. Experiment with chastity and chastity cage. Explore the nuances of being locked up, teased and denied. Cock and orgasms at the control of a dominating woman.

12. Interracial sex. My partner and I both have an adoration for BBC. We would love to have one join us. Whether its just for her alone or one that we could service together.

13. Go through the nuances of being cuckolded. More for perspective than interest.Our goal is trying as much as we possibly can.  

14. Have gang-bang. One of my partners biggest fantasies is for us to have multiple men. She envisions a cock for every hole, one for each of her hand and a few guys on reserve.

15. Fuck in public. Cycle through all the taboo places like changing rooms, car,park, elevator, hot-tub. Pool, parents’ bed. Anywhere we can get away with it.

16. Go to a sex club. Visit the few local sex-clubs we have herein Montreal. Merely to watch and to immerse ourselves I that environment when we start taking swinging more seriously.

17. Fuck a shemale together. My wife and I find ourselves utterly attracted to the idea sleeping with a shemale. We often watch that kind of porn together, we have both stated that it would be of interest to us,

18. Get erotic massages together. I happen to favor porn videos that are of erotic-massages/hand-jobs. In watching them together, we decided that it would be fun to get tantric massages together. 

19. Go to a strip club and buy each other lap dances. Male/female strip-clubs to level out the playing field. Then go home and fuck. Nothing like a naked,dancing tease that you can’t have

20. Seduce a few certain people who know of our lifestyle but don’t really engage in it. Specifically, there’s a few women that we know, that my wife happens to be infatuated with and wants to have them in our bed. 

21. Get fucked with a strap-on. This request is from my wife. She likes the idea of it. Of being dominate in that way.

22. Fuck a muscular/fit girl together. Another strange fetish that we both share, is very fit and muscular/body-building type woman.

23. Have an orgy with a BBW’s. Being a lover of bigger woman. Naturally I would want to have than one at a time.

24. Both of us have dates preferably with a couple. We have sex, then come home-and tell each other about our dates as we fuck.

25. Take a rope and knot class together.

26. Take a pole dancing class together.

27. Have sex live on cam.

28. Be part of a femdom night, serving and pleasing a group of females.

29. Take part in a role-play scenario with a couple.

30. Have someone watch us fuck as they get themselves off.

A wet kiss (an erotic poem)

After Midnight Erotica: A wet kiss (an erotic poem)

Taking my time, carefully removing everything that constricts me, I pay attention to the way it feels as it comes off. I explore myself, loving every inch. I undress myself with a grin of devious intent, my body a firm and nurturing distraction. A place to forget the troubles of the world, a safe place to lose his train of thought.

I paint my lips a majestic mauve, puckering and pursing them in the mirror. It’s simplistic, a little color, a big tease. The lipstick tingles as it glides across the thin and sensitive skin. My lips are ready, my mouth willing and wanting. I have had the taste of him on my mind all afternoon, my lips restless to be on him, to hear him croon.

I am a lush, addicted to pleasing for selfish reasons. Enamored with the way he falls apart; losing his composure, all at work of my mouth. Fueled by the absolute domination and the subtle way that I claim him, without damaging his precious ego. It is unspoken but an understood bond though our body-language that I own him and his masculinity. That he his no right but the privilege to my oral fixation.

I am naked as soon as he comes through the door, greeting his arrival with a soft and gentle “hello”. My skin is bare and free of fabric that hides the body he loves and craves so much. I am free loving myself as I am, letting him feed off the overflow of my confidence.

My heart is open, and my motives pure. He needs to see beauty as he walks in, he needs to see his goddess in all her natural vanity. Stopping in his tracks, taking in the sight he’s seen well over thousands of times. Yet still gazes upon me with absolute, reckless abandon. The way his eyes watch and follow and trail my body, like a hunter on the prowl, feeds my ego. A fan to a flame for my pride.

I unbutton his dress shirt. The scent of cologne mixed with a long and stressful day of work dance in my nostrils. I breath him in, a comfort washes over my extremities, this is what home is.  Vanishing in to a mind-state of sinful nature and by nature, I am sinful. I embody lust and depravity, with a partner in crime it is all the more irrationally freeing. We find place in each other.

I kiss him down his chest, traveling to his stomach. Leaving a tickling trail of my lips imprinted on his skin. Mauve silhouettes, leave evidence of where my lips have been, indicating where they will be next; a trace of expectation, with the patience to let me work at my own pace. No guiding my head or hinting in any way. Just sighing and breathing heavy with anticipation.

I descend to my knees, a position seen as submission. Merely an absurd fact. In my eyes, it is a position of power, strength. Men beg for this, they grovel to have our soft and supple tongues dance around their sensitive and swollen heads. They will do almost anything to watch our lips wrap their manhood, their shafts disappearing into depths our warm and wet mouths. With every lick, every suck. We control them in their most vulnerable state. Their manly voices turning to womanly whines.

The tiles are cold as they are hard; cool to the touch. Shivers race through my arms, down my spine. Transferring to his body as I strip the rest of him down, until he is completely naked and exposed as I am.

My mouth begins kiss him from the base. Feeling him grow stiff and rigid against my lips, I lightly trail my tongue up and down his length. Working my way completely around, not missing an inch or piece of flesh. Watching his eyes close and his abdomen tighten, bracing himself for the weakness that will soon corrupt his muscles.

I tease and taunt him, until he looks down at me. His eyes wide, shiny with a softness and a silent plea begging please. That’s the moment I take him in, you can tell he’s let everything go. Available and present in the moment, ready to enjoy and love every little sensation.

I suck him down, lick him up, filling my mouth with as much of him that I can fit in dark chasm of my mouth. Savoring the taste of his flesh that is uniquely his. My mouth massages slowly, no time or rush. Just patience and pleasure. Not wanting him to miss a single feeling.

I purposely strike every nerve, paying careful attention to his most sensitive spots. Listening intently to the sound his voice, how his moans echo through the house. His body twitching, giving me warning sings that his mind is running wild, and he’s about to chase his release. I stop for a brief second, giving him permission and telling him that it’s okay. That moment of validations seems to make him wilder than anything I could ever do.

He chased his release, filling up my mouth, covering my lips. I catch his stare, never breaking it as I swallow him down, licking him off of my lips. Truly savoring, enjoying the fruits of my labor, I am as addicted to the taste of him as he is to the taste of me.
I swirl my tongue around making sure I get it all, cleaning him off as well. There’s something about the sight of my mouth swallowing his seed, that makes him need and want me more. Picking me up off the ground, kissing me deeply, tasting himself on my lips.

Another game I win.